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Healing Through Belly Dance @ White Lioness Metaphysics 
How it works:
Are you a beginner level student?
Great!  Healing Through Belly Dance teaches the basics of belly dance through: energetic flow, expansive arm movements, flowy hips, meditative breath, releasing shimmies, new chakra healing combos every class and more! No experience required. 

Are you a more experienced dancer?
That's perfect, too!  This class helps you reconnect with your body, mind, spirit and soul.  Using full body meditations, finding your blocks and identifying your strengths and weaknesses is made easier.  

What does each class look like?
Gentle warm up - regulates breath and loosens muscles 
Chakra Based movement breakdowns - every class will focus on a different chakra and movements are selected based on that. 
Body mediations - each class will use a basic full body mediation to help increase body awareness as well as to help learn each movement. 
Energetic flow & arms - learn belly dance arm movements by learning the energy flow and expansion 
Combos - learn to string together basic belly dance movements that focus on chakra healing techniques and practices
But there's more - each class will bring something new to the table... this is something you don't want to miss out on. 

Drop-in ~ $10 ~ Wednesdays 7-8 ~ 101-419 Main St. 
Keisha McLean has been Belly Dancing for over 13 years, performing for 11 and teaching for 8.  Throughout the years, Keisha has studied under a number of highly talented and esteemed instructors.  

In 2013, Keisha founded Boundless Belly Dance.  In doing so, Keisha helped create a safe place for women and people to share, appreciate and learn about Belly Dance as an ancient form of art.  

In 2015, Keisha finished her studies as a Reiki Master.  Keisha has helped many people on their journey through self love and awareness by utilising her skills as a Reiki and Intuitive healing practitioner.  

Keisha's primary goal as an instructor is to help her students empower, inspire and grow. 
Boundless Belly Dance ® Wade Ave W, Penticton, British Columbia V2A1V6

About the Teacher: