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​Hadia in the South Okanagan! 
Day Long Workshop Series: 

Early Bird: $85
After June 22nd: $95
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10:30-1:00: Body Logic 

Discover the Key to Unlock your Body’s Natural Movements and Transitions!! 

Hadia will guide you through effortless, gentle and natural movements that will safely warm up and release unnecessary muscle tension and joint compression without pain, discomfort or fatigue. Then she will transition from these movements and magically transform them into beautiful Belly Dance techniques. Not only will Hadia’s approach give you a brand new perspective on your essential movement repertoire, she will teach you how to transition effortlessly and naturally from one movement into another, and yet another, ad infinitum. Regular practice of these fun and easy transitions will even heal previous injuries and restrictions and help you to develop a wonderful new approach to your movement repertoire. 


130-330: Turkish Roma 

Born of the tribes of Rajasthan, Punjab and Gudjarat, the fascinating and misunderstood ROMA people embarked on a long, hard journey through the centuries and across strange new lands. Unparalleled, gifted and adaptable singers, dancers, musicians and entertainers, they were the masters of fusion as they absorbed the best of the music and dance in the countries into which they ventured and blended them with an intangible visceral power of their central soul. Hadia has lived, studied and taught the primary forms of Roman dance for many years and is pleased to share with you a taste of Authentic Turkish Roma dance. After getting comfortable with the unique Turkish 9/8 rhythm, we will work with a range of basic steps and foot patterns and finish these off with a fascinating array of gestures and movements that connect this fascinating and visceral dance form to the mysterious history of these strong, proud and vital people.


About Hadia: 

Hadia is one of Canada’s natural jewels. “She has the energy of a five year old, the wisdom of an old woman and the ageless spirit of a true dancer.” Hadia is considered by all who see her as a dancer’s dancer – in every sense of the word.


Nominated by IAMED for Best Modern Egyptian Dancer.
Global Woman of Vision – Arts, Entertainment and Culture.
ADOS Lifetime Acheivement Award
Best Choreographer Award I.A.M.E.D. (Los Angeles, Ca.).
Giza Academy Award for Best Instructional DVDs.

Hadia has lived and performed through the Middle East and has studied and worked with many of the great masters of oriental dance and Folklore including Ibrahim Akef, Farideh Fahmy, Zohari Zeki, Mona al Said, Dina, Fifi Abdo, Ibrahim Farrah, Ahmad Jarjour, Raqia Haasan, and Denise Enan and Lala Hakim of the ‘Kohwmeya’ National Folkloric Company of Egypt. Her understanding and mastery of the very soul of Raqs Sharqi and her innate ability to weave the subtle nuances and textures of oriental music into movement have earned her an international reputation as an exquisite performer of impeccable quality.

Her ingenious teaching skills draw upon her multi-faceted 45-year career as an artist of Middle Eastern, Turkish Roman, Flamenco, Jazz, African/Afro-Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, Polynesian, Salsa and East Indian, as well as her 25 years as a registered practitioner and instructor of massage/manual therapy.

She skillfully applies her extensive knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology to create her revolutionary ‘Body Logic for Belly dance warms ups and technique” and thorough, clear and disciplined breakdowns of all techniques. Her understanding of the peoples and cultures of the Middle East is reflected in her attentive application of oriental rhythms, instruments and phrasing, as well as her ability to encourage emotional and artistic expression. She has a fullness and depth to her teaching that embodies her deep love and respect for our art form as it challenges, inspires and accommodates all levels of students – novice to professional. 

Dedicated to educating dancers, all that she knows she willingly and openly shares.

In great demand internationally as a performer, master instructor and choreographer, Hadia has performed and taught throughout the Middle East, including Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, and Syria; Europe (England, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Hungary); Turkey; The Far East (Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Bali) ; Australia and New Zealand plus South Africa; Canada and the US; Mexico and South America, including Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

Hadia also conducts dance-oriented tours and retreats to Turkey and Morocco, as well as intensive courses in Professional Oriental Dance Training and Development and Certified Teacher Training Programs in such exotic locations as Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Bali.

Hadia has certainly demonstrated her tireless dedication to her dreams, while continuing to inspire those around her to follow in her graceful footsteps.
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