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Keisha McLean

Founder & Troupe Director 
Lead Instructor & Choreographer 
Certified Reiki Practitioner 
About Boundless Belly Dance
About our dance school:

Boundless Belly Dance offers a unique journey of self expression through dance.  Boundless Belly Dance encourages positive body image and self esteem.  Our primary mission is to help our students empower themselves and the people around them in a judgement free and safe environment.  Our classes are interactive and offer one-on-one time for those more tricky pieces!   Let your stress and worrying melt away as you escape everyday life during one of our classes or workshops.  See our values and ethics page for a better understanding of our fundamentals.  
Our styles include Boundless Belly Dance Stylization, Raqs Sharqi Fusion, Sha'abi Fusion, Tribal Fusion, and more.

​One of the most powerful dances is a dance in which you love every step and every note.  At Boundless we work with each individual performer to insure every voice is heard about even the smallest movement.  Our performance classes a are treated as a collaborative environment.  Everyone has a voice and will be heard without judgment or negative criticism.  As a Fusion based troupe, we believe our possibilities within choreography are endless!  When we dance, we dance without limitation.  
Interested in getting involved with the Boundless Belly Dance performance troupe?  Contact Keisha for information on how you can grace the stage!  

About our Performance Troupe: 

Founded in 2013, Boundless has had the opportunity to perform with major bands like Delhi 2 Dublin, entertain at large scale wineries such as Black Hills, as well as community focused events like Canada Day, BC Day, Peach Festival, etc, and fundraising events through a wide range of organizations and foundations. In addition to community & public functions, Boundless also entertains for private function such as office parties, anniversary parties, birthdays and more.  

Boundless offers a wide range of performance packages with choices from traditional cabaret to circus themed fusion sets. Our current Divisions include: Warrior Division (tribal fusion), Inspired Women Division (Egyptian Fusion), Ladies in Lace (electro swing fusion), and After Hours Division (burlesque fusion). As well as performances, Boundless offers interactive pieces, workshops and circle facilitations. 

As a performance troupe we hope to inspire our community through dance and art, and in turn, we hope to continue to be inspired. 

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"When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way."
Wayne Dyer

Boundless Belly Dance ® 695 Wade Ave W, Penticton, British Columbia V2A1V6

Meet Keisha:
Have you heard about our Divisions? 
Keisha McLean started Belly Dancing in 2004, has been performing since 2005 and teaching since 2010.  Throughout the years, Keisha has studied under a number of highly talented and esteemed instructors.  

In 2013, Keisha founded Boundless Belly Dance.  In doing so, Keisha helped create a safe place for women and people to share, appreciate and learn about Belly Dance as an ancient form of art.  

In 2015, Keisha finished her studies as a Reiki Master.  Keisha has helped many people on their journey through self love and awareness by utilising her skills as a Reiki and Intuitive healing practitioner.  

Keisha's primary goal as an instructor is to help her students empower, inspire and grow. Keisha is currently in the process of developing a fusion based Belly Dance that is unique from others in the dance community. With a smiling face and a proud heart, she wakes up each morning excited to teach her next class and perform on the nearest stage!  
Inspired Women
Drama, Emotion, Inspiration 

The Inspired Women's Division is a fusion of Raqs Sharqi inspired movements and more westernized dances such as Lyrical and Modern.  Using a combination of traditional eastern music and classic North American Music, these ladies are sure to leave you inspired, empowered and wanting more. 
Sass, Elegance, Fun

Ladies in Lace is a Belly Dance, Swing and Jazz Fusion.  Let us take you back in time with old timey music and cheeky movement vocabulary.  This Division is perfect for any audience base, and it uses modern versions of classic jazz and swing music.  
Ladies in Lace
Strength, Passion, Empowerment

​Armed with swords and ready for battle, these women use a series of Tribal Fusion inspired movements to tell you their story.  If you look closely enough, you will see generations of empowered women stand behind them.  They are strong, empowered and ready for action.  
After Hours Cabaret

Vintage Burlesque 

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